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Lohgad Fort Maharashtra

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Lohgad Fort:



Fort Lohagad is a wonderful monument near Pune that throws light on the rich architectural skills of the ancient period. The fort is named after the spiritual leader named Lomesh. This fort was built in order to observe the activities of Andhra Maval, Nane Maval and Korbaarse Maval. After Bahmani kingdom lost its control, Nizamshahi captured this fort and finally in year 1670, Chatrapatti Shivaji took possession of the fort.

The fort is around 3400 feet high and comprises big balconies & doors. The main gate of this 2000 years old and is known by the name of Delhi gate. The 3rd gate of this fort, offers easy access to the guard’s office.

A beautiful lake surrounds this fort. Hanuman Darwaaja, Narayan Darwaaja, Ganesh Darwaaja and Maha Darwaaja are some of the splendid gates of the fort, of which Hanuman Darwaaja is the oldest one. There is a big cave outside this fort that was used to store grains during monsoon.

Within the premises there is a temple and a tomb located at the fort. The temple built within the fort houses a Shivalinga. There are 2 tanks which were constructed for storing water. Peculiar Vinchukata (scorpion tail) has designed the walls of this magnificent fort.

Lohagad Fort provides accommodation for travellers, which is known as Laxmi Kothi. Lohagad is also popular by the name “Iron Gate”.

Lohagad makes an ideal destination for trekkers from Pune because of its ease of the trek and lush green surroundings & accessibility. There are 4 doors to Lohagad from the nearby village Lohagadwadi.


How to Reach Lohgad Fort:

By Air: GM_Air_S

Pune is the nearest Air port for Lohgad Fort. Further journey may be performed by road.

By Rail: GM_Railway_S

Pune is the nearest railway station. Further journey may be performed by road.

Road: GM_Bus_S

From Pune one can either take a local train operating between Pune and Lonavala and alight at Malawali. From Malawali  railway station, the fort is about 9 km away. If one is driving from Pune to Lohagad one has to take the Pune Bombay highways and get off the highway at Malawali.

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